Our Story

Sivaxa is a privately owned US based technology startup company with solid financial footing. Currently, it has offices in the US and Chennai India and has plans to open an office in Europe in near future. The mission of the company is to develop several technology based products including a mobile advertising solution, which will be the primary focus of the Chennai team

At Sivaxa, all of our products are based on new and novel ideas, thus, when complete, they will offer services that do not exist anywhere in the world today. All of products have one thing in common, which is to help users and customers do their day to day activities more efficiently and productively, while saving time and money. At the same time, we want to reduce the cost of those services to providers so that they can pass on their savings to their customers. To achieve this, we have a two pronged approach: effective use of technology and market driven processes. Technology helps us to do things better and faster and market driven processes increase competition and reduce cost, while given consumers what they really want.

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