We provide a friendly and casual working environment for our employees to learn and grow, elevate their knowledge and advance their career.

We are developing the next generation of mobile marketing platform, which we believe is going to change the way mobile and Internet marketing will work. In doing so, we face a lot of technical challenges that we need to overcome and for that, we need the help of qualified software engineers.

If you are motivated and would like to challenge yourself in solving difficult technical problems and in the process gain a ton of experience and learn new technologies, we encourage you to apply.

Here are some general descriptions what we’re looking for.

We have multiple openings for backend/platform engineers with the following qualification.

Must have qualification:

    •    3 to 5 years of experience developing software, at least one with Java
    •    Solid knowledge of core Java programming concepts, tools and techniques
    •    Ability to communicate and work well within a small team
    •    Ability to work and achieve results with minimal supervision
    •    Ability to mentor junior members of the team

Good to have qualification:
    •    Experience working on a distributed, large scale platform where scalability, reliability and performance are critical
    •    Familiarity with Relational and non-relational data modeling (SQL and NoSQL)
    •    Experience working in Scrum/Agile environment
    •    Familiarity with development and automation tools such as Jira, Git, Gradle, Groovy, Jenkins, etc.
    •    Experience with Web development and related tools and techniques such as RESTful API, Apache Tomcat, Jetty, XML, JSON, etc.
    •    Familiarity with Data Analytics, BigData, Data Mining, Machine Learning technologies
    •    Knowledge of relational databases (any RDBMS such as Oracle, MySql, PostgresSQL)

We are actively looking for iOS and Android developers to help us develop our mobile application. Our Mobile App is not your typical App. That’s because in order to achieve the required performance level, we will have to perform a great deal of the work on the client (mobile) side in concert with the front-end of the platform. So, if you want to challenge your App developing knowledge, this might be the right fit for you.
We have multiple positions open for iOS and Android developers who have the following qualification. Preference will be given to candidates with experience developing both iOS and Android.

Technical Qualifications:
    •    Two or more years of experience developing mobile Apps on the respective platform

    •    Solid knowledge of Java related technologies and tools (JavaScript, etc.)
    •    Experience designing Mobile UI
    •    Familiarity with Internationalization

General Qualifications:
    •    Ability to work and communicate well within a small development team
    •    Ability to work and perform with minimal amount of supervision
    •    Ability to produce and deliver high quality products on time

If interested, please send your resume to or upload here

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